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The injury to Mats Sundin has the Maple Leafs considering a move to add some offense. According to reports out of Toronto, the Leafs are talking with restricted free agent Robert Reichel to determine what it would take to sign him. The Leafs would not simply sign Reichel to an offer sheet. Instead, they would pursue a deal with Phoenix and then sign Reichel...

Reichel is not the only disgruntled Eastern European drawing interest from the Leafs. Toronto is also exploring the possibility of bringing Dimitri Khristich to town. Khristich is basically in limbo. The Bruins retain the right to match any offer equal to less than $2.3 million per season. The Leafs, and apparently nobody else, want to pay him more than that. Thus, they will have to work out a deal with Boston. Interestingly, the Bruins have supposedly agreed to deals involving Khristich three times, each with a different team. However, each deal fell through when the other team talked to Khristich's agent...

Last week, the big rumor was Khristich and Dafoe to Philly. I never believed that rumor for a couple of reasons. First, the Flyers are attempting to reduce payroll, not increase it. And second, Bobby Clarke hates Khristich. This week, a more believable rumor has popped up. The new rumor has Khristich and Dafoe heading to Chicago for Daze, Thibault and a prospect or two. This could happen. However, I still believe the Bruins will re-sign Dafoe. Khristich will be traded soon...

Here's a news flash...The Rangers are interested in restricted free agent Keith Primeau. It would be great to see a team with a $60 million payroll miss the playoffs. I guess the Rangers did not get the memo encouraging GMs to play hardball with free agents...

The St. Louis Blues are exploring their options in the wake of the injury to Al MacInnis. Last year's Norris Trophy winner will miss the next 4 to 6 weeks. The Blues were in need of a number 3 defenseman before the injury. Now, they are borderline desparate. The Blues have some interest in unrestricted free agents Ulf Samuelsson and Mark Tinordi. However, a trade for a player currently under contract seems more probable...

The Capitals are shopping Dmitri Mironov. Montreal has given the Caps a call. Perhaps the Blues will be interested also...

The Habs are trying to peddle Shayne Corson to the Hawks. The Hawks have nearly acquired Corson in each of the past two season. Looks like they may get him this time. The Habs would like two of Doug Zmolek, Bryan Muir and Jamie Allison...

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